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Welcome to CECD





We welcome all our guests who are visiting for the first time. Come as you are.  We’re not formal.  We invite you to join us for sunday services and hope you will make CECD your home church. Please be our guest for lunch after the English worship.


CECD’s parking is located on the corner of Moline and 11th Ave, on the Northwest side of the building. Street parking is also available on Newark St. as well as parking in the Aurora Central High School across the street.

Child Care

We welcome you to join us with your infant and or young children. CECD has a cry room which is just adjacent to the main sanctuary. Parents with infants can still watch the sunday worship services if thier children require the comforts of the cry room. If you have a young toddler, our nursery is in the classroom location of our building.

Toddlers and children up to 5 years of age are supervised by two adults in a safe and enclosed classroom. Snacks and refreshments are provided, followed by a short storytime/bible lesson, and supervised playtime concludes thier time in the nursersy. If parents feel that their young one is not ready to be left behind on thier own, please feel free to sit with them in the nursery until they are. Otherwise, the supervising adults will accomodate thier fears as best as possible. To see pictures of our facilities, please go to our Image Gallery

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  1. Hi, me and my husband will visit Denver Colorado soon, my daughter lives in Colorado, so we are planning to move, we been going to Church in Erie PA, so want to visit Chinese Church in Colorado. I saw the Chinese Service is 9:30 am, is that Chinese Worship? Any recommendation or suggestion? Thanks 🙂

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