Church service is cancelled for tomorrow, April 17th

Hi Church,

We’ve been watching the weather carefully and deliberating all day. After a lot of consideration, we’re going to be cancelling service for tomorrow morning. We want everyone to be safe and travel tomorrow will probably be more difficult than today as the slush freezes overnight and wet snow continues to accumulate.

I will deeply miss our community tomorrow. I was telling our leadership that being with everyone is good for my soul, especially in a full week like this week has been. I could really use the communion of saints surrounding me in song and prayer and scripture. My soul will miss our sacred acts of church.

I hope that everyone would take time to commune with God, maybe even with community.  Spend a moment in prayer, maybe a song, take time to have a space in scripture.  If you can, spend time meditating on Jesus’ sermon on the mount in Matt 5-7.  I pray that you would experience our God on your side in the midst of your poverty, mourning, or meekness.  Be blessed.  Experience the kingdom of heaven, comfort, and inherit the earth.