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Tabletalk Devotionals & Meetup 6/12 | We will have a Tabletalk meetup on Sun, June 12th at 10AM.  We gather every 2nd Sunday morning for a time of community to talk and share about what we’ve been hearing/learning/wrestling with in our devotions.  Our church would like to foster and encourage a deeper devotional life.  Towards this, we have purchased a subscription to the devotional, Tabletalk.  We are providing these devotionals every month and hope that our congregation would grow together.

Fuse: Field Day & Sarah’s homecoming 6/12 | Come join us for a time of good weather (hopefully) and fun at Wash park! Bring your frisbees, lawn games, pets, snacks, etc. Our friend and sister, Sarah Wong, is coming back to the states from her 8-week trip in Nicaragua. Sarah will be arriving a little after noon. For those who would like to join, we plan on getting bubble tea around 2pm from Lollicup before heading over to the park at 2:30p.  Check out the Facebook group for details:

First Annual Membership Celebration Dinner and Gathering 6/25 | This is our first year as an independent congregation in covenant with our Chinese congregation.  We’ve had a full year of ministry with both things to celebrate and things to improve.  Come and join us for dinner on June 25th at 5pm at our church basement as we look back at God’s working and faithfulness and we look forward to how we want to join with what God is doing in the coming year.  We will also be reviewing our yearly items for a congregational vote.

RightNow Media | We have a resource available for our church.  It is a streaming video library of Bible study materials, sermons & messages, and training material, as well as children’s video programming. Videos include those from Francis Chan, David Platt, John Ortberg, and even VeggieTales.  We hope that people would take advantage of this resource and be able to use this to grow in their relationship with God. If you would like an invite, you can sign up for one through a link on our website
If you would like an invite, you can sign up for one HERE.


Sunday Schedule:
English Service 11:15 AM
Lunch 12:45 PM

1099 Newark St.
Aurora, CO 80010
(303) 366-0303

Pastor Josh Lin

Financial Update

5/8/2016  $ 1,331.00
5/15/2016  $ 3,212.00
5/22/2016  $ 682.00
5/29/2016  $ 618.00


Weekly Goal  $ 2,843.23
2015-16 Budget  $150,348


YTD Need  $  133,631.81
YTD Giving  $  115,668.51

PayPal Account | A PayPal account has been set-
up for CECD. You now have the option to give your offerings online. The account ID is:

Sermon Recordings | Our past sermon recordings are available to our congregation.  You can access them at

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Prayer Needs

Pray for our leadership team as we move through the sacred process of discerning God’s vision for our church in the coming year.  Our team will be solidifying our vision and goals for the coming year and creating a budget to help us build God’s vision into reality.  Pray for this discerning process.  We hope that we would not create a vision for the coming year or a budget to sustain it based on how our world would.  We want this to be a holy and refining journey for us as a church family.  Pray for wisdom and humility as our leaders move through in fear & trembling.

Pray for the many who are leaving our community this summer.  We’ve already had to say good-bye to so many of our church family, and we have more to come.  Some are only temporary good-byes, and others are long term.  All of them are family and community we call church.  Pray for God’s continued presence and movement.  Pray for a church family to share life with wherever (and however long) they land. Pray for:
Michael & Queenie Van – Taiwan
Sarah Wong – Nicaragua (she’s back!)
Andrew & Connie Leung – Florida (temporary!)
Kim Chin – Kenya/Asia (temporary!)
Tiffany Tsai – Los Angeles
Andrew & Esther Brumme – France
Courtney Bell – Asia (temporary!)
David & Cindy Yu – Australia
And a few more who will be vacationing and traveling this summer.  Our church has the privilege and role of being a way-station for many.  We pray that they have been blessed by God and our community during their time with us; that they leave us more whole than when we received them.  In this unique space of ministry, we pray that we would live into the role and responsibility God has given to us.

Pray for Sarah Wong and her time in Managua, Nicaragua serving the under-resourced community of the city.  Sarah has taken 2 months off of work to use her training and language skills to love those in Nicaragua in a cross-cultural ministry experience. Pray that God would reveal Himself in new and creative ways. Pray for her health and safety. Pray for the relationships Sarah is building and the opportunity to serve and love people she will have.  Pray that God is forming Sarah through her experiences and that she would bear that witness back into our community.  Pray for Sarah’s final 3 weeks and the rich ministry and interactions that she is building .

Praise God for our team who has returned from Nicaragua. Our team was hot (very hot), but adjusted well in Managua. They lived with host families in an under-resourced neighborhood and muddled through with rudimentary Spanish. The team is thankful for the hospitality and friendship of their host families. They praise God for the warmth and openness and easy friendship and acceptance of the local people. There was a full week in cross cultural ministry. Continue to pray for reflection of the trip for our team in bringing back the stories and insights gained.  Pray for opportunities to share with our church

Pray for our Chinese congregation as they search for a Chinese pastor.  Pray that God would call the shepherd our church needs to care for and lead our Chinese congregation.  Pray for listening hearts and sensitive spirits for our leaders as they interview candidates.

Pray for our church as we explore merging with Denver Chinese Evangelical Free Church.   Pray for God’s clear leading and our discernment of His voice.  Pray for a holy, God filled process in exploring this merger.  Pray for opportunity for our congregations to get to know one another.  Pray for our church, that we would not be motivated by fear, but by vision of what God is doing.  Pray for the Chinese congregation, that they would spend time in prayer and discernment about the merger.

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