Deacon Nominations

Our Deacons play a key role in our church.  They lead, serve, and bridge our church together.  They have the responsibilities for assisting our pastors in the administration and the management of the practical affairs of this church,  and in ministering to the practical needs of members of this church. At the end of this year our church will have 3 deacons who will be stepping down for a mandatory sabbatical after serving for 6 years; Tom Shieh, Lawrence Loh, and Wendy Bok.  We are opening our leadership to nominate candidates to serve as a deacon in our church.  Nominees for a deacon must have been a member for a year, regularly attended our church for the last year, and been a baptized Christian for 3 years.  A deacon nominee will be considered by the Board of Deacons to become a candidate and confirmed by our congregational vote at the end of the year.  Please let Pastor Josh know any nominations for deacon.