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"Develop mature loving followers of Jesus Christ who are committed to live a lifestyle of worship, instruction, fellowship, outreach and service."

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Welcome to CECD

The Chinese Evangelical Church of Denver

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Psalm Sunday

RightNow Media

RightNow Media | We have sent invites for a resource for our church.  It is streaming video library of Bible study materials, sermons & messages, and training material, as well as children’s video programming. Videos include those from Francis Chan, David Platt, Andy Stanley, and even VeggieTales.  We hope that people would take advantage of this resource and be able to use this to grow in their relationship with God. If you would like to receive an invite, go HERE.

FUSE: Mian Mian Mian

Hang Out. Connect. Do Life. Join us on Sunday May 17 at 5 pm, for an evening of Chinese-style noodles overload, graciously hosted by Teddy and Carol Yueh. We will cook together, dine together, and rejoice in Him. Address is 19065 E Dickenson Drive, Aurora CO 80013.  After we eat, we will be led by Tiffany into worship, and then led by Josh into blessing our many soon-to-be (or very recent) mothers! Please contact Xiao Liang at for questions.

Congregational Meeting May 10

We will be holding a congregational meeting today to communicate about upcoming changes for our church in the coming year.  Our church will vote on these changes on June 7th.  If you will not be able to attend on June 7th, please inform one of our leaders for an absentee ballot.

Congregational Vote June 7th

Our church is moving forward with where God is leading. To continue to serve our church community effectively and be nimble enough to follow God’s movement, our church will be restructuring our leadership and budget completely.  We will be moving our congregational and fiscal year to a July to June schedule.  We will also be separating our governance and budgets to better serve each congregation.   These will be the issues our membership will vote on June 7th concerning.  We will confirm a new budget specifically for our English congregation and new leaders to help lead and care for our church as a whole.

All church meeting 4/12

We will be holding an All-Church Meeting this Sunday, April 12 instead of our normal worship service. We will spend time as a whole church and find worship and relationship together for our English and Chinese congregations. This will be an opportunity to bridge our congregations.

Our hope for the meeting is to gain a healthier, more unified understanding of how we coexist and make up CECD together and discover where we really are as a church in terms of harmony and building God’s kingdom together.

During this meeting, there will be a time of sharing. We encourage everyone to come with an offering of how they feel about the other congregation. This sharing needs to be the truth with love. Some questions to consider in your sharing are:

1) What is your overall opinion of the Chinese congregation? How would you describe them?

2) Are you aware of the current amount of interaction? Are you satisfied with that amount?

3) How deep of a relationship do you want between our congregations? How important is that to you?

4) What do you wish we knew about the Chinese congregation?

5) What do you wish the Chinese congregation knew about us?

We pray for bold honesty, humble reflection and a willingness to just listen and know where each other are. While some sharing may hurt and trigger people’s defense mechanisms, we pray for mercy and grace. Without getting on the same page, it will be very difficult to make improvements in any area without hitting the barriers that exist because of how our congregations are or are not working together. Please come and help us move forward!

FUSE Worship Concert 4/23

| Hang Out. Connect. Do Life. The worship duo All Sons and Daughters will be coming to CCU on April 23rd.  Join us for an incredible night of worship!  Tickets are $15.  Contact Vincent for more information 303 548 3695.